Simon Richard HALIMI was born in Tunis on February 2, 1943. He left his native land 20 years later for France where he still resides. In 1974 he moved to Ivory Coast with frequent trips to Central and West Africa. This obliges him to maintain contact with his relatives and painting, to multiple trips between Africa and France. He has been painting since the 1960s and has produced thousands of works. Since February 2003 he left Africa and devoted himself fully to his art.


- Salon of French Artists
- Autumn Fair
- Independent Artists Fair
- Winter Lounge
- Populist Salon (Museum of Modern Art)
- Interministerial Fair (Currency Museum)
- Grand Prize Victor Choquet (Currency Museum)
- Grand Prix C 3 D (Currency Museum)
- International Salon of Lutèce
- International Contemporary Art Fair (I.A.C.)
- Europe-Art
- Singular Art Fairs
- Contemporary Art 2000
- Salon Violet, prestige of Contemporary Art
- A2PAC - guest of honor 2004
- RAMP-ART in Avignon
- Various traveling exhibitions in groups in Germany, Austria, United States, England, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Africa, China.

- Espace Qi Gong, Chaville
- Galleries Valombreuse, Biarritz and Pari
- Climate Gallery, Sable d'Olonnes
- Galerie Zafira rue Mazarine, Paris
- Gallery 51 rue de Seine, Paris
- The Galeries of the Ivoire salon, Ivory Coast
- Art Gallery of the Palais, Le Touquet
- Opera Gallery (Paris, New York, Miami, Singapore)
- "Art Passion" gallery, Montpellier
- Gallery 27, London
- Hughes Pénot Gallery, la Baule
- Singul'Art, Lyon

- Winner of the Victor Choquet international prize
- Laureate at the populist salon museum of Modern Art
- Interministerial Grand Prize at the Currency Museum
- C3D Grand Prize at the Currency Museum
- Laureate and graduate of the International Academy of Lutèce
- Laureate and graduate of the International Contemporary Art (I.A.C.)
- Graduated from the National Federation of French Culture as a "creator of today"
- Prize of the Salon des Artistes Français 2004, awarded by the Académie des Beaux Arts
- Paul Chabas Prize, Institut de France, Académie des Beaux-Arts
- Medal of merit and dedication to the Arts, Mazarine Academy
- Michel Ange Prize for the whole work, Mazarine Academy
- 12 other first prizes and distinctions in France and abroad.

- Articles in the magazine "Arts Actualités Magazine" in the following special series:
- N ° 7 "The giants of today and tomorrow"
- N ° 8 "XXI century those who will leave their mark on posterity"
- N ° 9 "The first pages of the art of the XXI century"
- N ° 10 "Art as a vector of cultural exchange"
- N ° 11 "The essential targets of posterity"
- Article in the journal: Artension N ° 6, 2002
- Article in the magazine "Univers des Arts" at the Salon des Artistes Français for several years.
- Article in the review "Azarts" at the Salon d'Automne.
- Article in the magazine "La braise et l'incelle" 2001
- Le Cri d'Os, Article by Jeanine Rivais, 2002
- Article in the magazine "L'arche" 2004
- Article in the magazine "Vaucluse Matin" 2006
- Article in the magazine "Impression d'artiste" N ° 16, 2004
- Special issue in the magazine "Impression d'artiste" N ° 41, 2006
- Listed in the catalog raisonné of the Salon des Artistes Indépendants
- Listed in the catalog raisonné of the centenary of the Salon d'Automne (2003)
- Listed in the Drouot rating guide since 2002.
- Present in the book Wik & Am (Austria)

From 1968 to 1974 every day after his work and on a voluntary basis he assumes the functions of cultural animator and art critic.
He leads several groups of painters gathered in many youth and cultural centers.
Currently a member of French Artists, Independent Artists, Académie des Beaux Arts de Saint Louis (Associate Academician).